giovedì 1 marzo 2012

Daniele Calcaterra FW 2012/13 collection

Daniele Calcaterra, for his FW 2012/13 collection has chosen a sensorial direction trough the abstractionism, in this way he develop the theme very close to his essence: an idealizer and creator of images.

To develop this collection Daniele Calcaterra looks carefully everything that the “game of shadows” creates in Nature and in his mind: starting from colors with different shades, till the shapes that change direction simply by altering their size and the primary light source. The extreme simplicity of the lines and the geometry of his own personal taste reach for this collection a descriptive behavior and generate his new “Empathic neatness”.
Through the shape Daniele Calcaterra creates derivations starting from ’20 and reaching the enterprising ’90. He use wise cuts and mix of fabrics to obtain a timeless game that characterize a wide range of styles that share their timeless modernity.
Fabrics are, as usual, pure and precious. This feature allows to shore up the peculiarity attributed to Daniele Calcaterra: “valuable but simple”.
Refined and elegant Calcaterra expresses new decorative lines that, as shades of light, lay carefully on the body and create in this way the modern description of the image.
The improper light that comes from distant and lay carefully on solid objects is for Daniele Calcaterra source of new lines.
For this collection the designer draws inspiration from the only two sources he believes not contaminated: mind and hands, bringing visual shadows from his thought on the sartorial dummy, he creates with this proceedings shapes almost without using the pencil. So Daniele Calcaterra creates his collection piece by piece.

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